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Welcome to the Franchise Buyer Guide Blog
This is where you will find everything franchise related. We are working on building an educational library of resources for our budding entreprenuers.
And.....we will have content for our seasoned franchise owners who are always keeping an eye out for what are the hot new franchise brands creating a buzz. Along with learning:
What new franchise categories are emerging on the scene?  
You will find annoucements as to what franchise brands are growing and where are they opening up new locations 
Featured Articles
3/3/2023 Franchise Buyer Guide
How many franchise categories are there? Most people are familiar with a few, but there are 40+ franchise categories depending on who and where you ask. Click to read more
5/1/2022 Franchise Buyer Guide
Here are six ways to fund your franchise investment 1 Self Funding 2 Friend and Family 3 Franchisor Loans 4 Bank Loans 5 Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans 6 Micro Loans The lottery - just kidding :) Click on Title above to LEARN MORE

The Inspection Boys Home Inspection Franchise
Mobile Pet Grooming Franchise

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