About Us


There is no shortage of people who would like to own their own business. But knowing where to start is not so simple. There are 1000's of franchise opportunities in several dozen industries, how do you even begin to find the one that is right for you? 

Our management team has provided guidance, tools and advice for over 10 years to those thinking about owning a franchise. We have found that educating and providing the right information in bite size chunks has been the best approach. Therefore, FBG have designed a place to provide entrepreneurs with a sampling of 30 franchisors in diverse categories, that range from $50,000 investment to $300,000. 

FBG has hand-picked and approved the franchise opportunities listed on this site. Couple of the key qualifications include, availability across the United States, franchise already has established franchise or corporate locations for potential franchise candidates to visit. 

One of the largest demographics that these franchisors see as new owners, are "Professionals in a Career" transition. Candidates who have worked for corporate American for 10+ years and desire to find a franchise business that they can call their own. If you are in a career transition and looking for a franchise, you are in good company because approximately 80-85% of the new franchise owners were just like you..... in a career transition and opting to evaluate franchise ownership.